17 October 2005


I went to see the movie Elizabethtown last night. Husband and I were supposed to be going out for our anniversary, but we had a babysitting snafu so the best we could manage was a movie. The movie we both wanted to see, A History of Violence, was not playing until 10:30pm (way too late for a school night) and after ruling out the chick-flick In Her Shoes (my choice) and the too shoot 'em up Domino (his choice) this was the only thing we could agree on.

Overall, it was extremely disappointing. Not to mention disjointed, uneven, and utterly ridiculous (not in a good way) in parts. It was as if Cameron Crowe (writer and director) actually wrote 2 scripts for 2 different movies, cut them up into individual scenes, through in a couple of other random moments, tossed with salad dressing and filmed. The results were not so good. And there is just no getting around the fact that Kirsten Dunst is not very talented. Orlando Bloom was no tour de force himself. He wore the same hang dog expression for the entire 123 minutes -- even in the final moments of the movie when we are beat over the head with the "moral" of the story.

My advice: Don't bother, but if for some reason you feel you must see it, wait for Netflix.


PurseDeals said...

"And there is just no getting around the fact that Kirsten Dunst is not very talented."

People don't say that nearly enough. I don't understand why people are so enchanted by her. She isn't very attractive, and she is very annoying to watch.

Nunzia said...

I made my boyfriend take me to see it and I'm shocked he's still speaking to me!

david said...

history of violence was awful. don't waste your time.

capote and squid/whale on the other hand.... wow!