21 October 2005

Shopgirl review

I know, I am breaking my own rule by posting while at work, but I am just so excited. I just finished reading the review of Shopgirl in the NY Times and I am so happy because it is a fantastic review. I really loved this book/novella and have long been anticipating the movie, but anticipating with concern because it could have so easily been badly done. I can't wait to go see this now. It's only open in New York and LA right now, but hopefully soon it will make it out to the 'burbs.

Movies movies movies-- I love the movies! I would really like to leave work right now and go see one, but I'll have to settle for reading the reviews and eating microwave popcorn.

1 comment:

the lotus eater said...

this one looks like it'll be charming.

which will be a nice change from the last two fiascos i witnessed on the big screen.