20 October 2005

Personal Development Program

It's that wonderful time of year when I get to evaluate my own performance at work. I have to give myself a rating and commentary on how I've performed my own goals and how I've met company expectations. Then I submit this to my manager who puts his feedback next to mine and some crazy formula goes in to determine how much of a raise I deserve. So, here's what I'd like to know: Who invented this system? Is there anything more torturous than this? It is the workplace equivalent of sitting in the dentist chair. It is a very careful line that one must walk when filling out the form. Too positive and you're full of yourself. Too negative and you're not going to get the credit you deserve. I am in a particularly tough situation this year because I am in a new job with a new boss. I have no clue what his feedback is going to be. I really wish I had more of an idea before going through with this. Big, long sigh.

OK, I must go. My Tylenol PM are waiting for me.

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