02 October 2005

Dakota Fanning headed for rehab

OK, I made that up, but how much longer do you think it will be before that is true. Dakota Fanning is 11 years old and has more movies coming out in 2005 than just about any other actor. 5 movies released in 2005 and already 2 more slated for 2006. Are her parents slaving her our or what? Does she ever get time off the set? I agree that she is quite a talented little girl, but haven't all those "E! True Hollywood Story" episodes taught us nothing about the affects of success in Hollywood at a young age? Her parents are begging for her to be royally screwed and one day there's going to be a new reality show just like the one that debuts tonight on VH1, "Breaking Bonaduce". A train wreck of a show about a train wreck of a person. It's just 20 more years until "Destroying Dakota" airs.


Roo said...

I was looking at her movies yesterday, and I was like, "How many are coming out in October??" Can't wait to see "Destorying Dakota."

Anonymous said...

you are sadly mistaken