06 October 2005

Things that happen magically

This morning I realized that there are a whole bunch of things that happen by magic in my house -- if you're my husband, that is. I'm not sure, but I think he might even be under the impression that some things regenerate themselves. Here is a list of things that he would not ever do on his own on room by room basis:

  • Replacing the toilet paper roll (you knew this one would be first -- it is cliche, but so true)
  • Replacing the bar of soap in the shower
  • Replacing the toothpaste tube
  • Putting more Q-tips in the dispenser
  • Buying more of any of the above items plus his shampoo, his hairspray, whatever that stuff is for his electric razor, and bubble bath and shampoo for Zoë
  • Cleaning out the toothbrush holder
  • Washing the bathroom towels and bath mats
  • Emptying the garbage can


  • Changing the sheets on our bed
  • Bringing the tea cups and assorted dishes that migrate into our room back down to the kitchen
  • Turning off the computer when done using it
  • Pick up dirty clothes from floor and putting clean clothes away
  • Shutting off his closet light
  • Picking up or cleaning anything in Zoë's room -- this includes making her bed, putting her laundry away, shelving books, taking out the garbage, and putting toys away
  • Bringing down any sippy cups left in Zoë's room


  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Wiping the counter tops and stove top
  • Buying groceries -- especially essentials like milk, eggs, orange juice, juice boxes and chicken nuggets
  • Adding things to the shopping list when we are running low
  • Making Zoë's lunch for daycare
  • Washing the dishtowels
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Taking out the trash or the recycling

Family Room

  • Putting toys away
  • Putting DVDs back in their boxes
  • Putting CDs away
  • Dusting
  • Throwing out the old TV Guide
  • Opening or closing the blinds

I am sure I am forgetting things on this list, but it sure would be nice to live like he does. Sigh. I know I can ask him to do these kinds of things and most of the time he will do it, but it is annoying that he doesn't feel any responsibility to do them on his own. Maybe that is my fault because I just do them, but what are you supposed to do when there is no soap in the shower? I'd have to spend my whole life nagging and writing out lists of things to do. A couple of years ago I went away for 4 days. I left on a Friday. I usually do the grocery shopping on Saturday mornings so it needed to be done. There was a full list on the fridge. When I got back on Monday night I was amazed to discover that he had not gone to the store for anything. When I asked him about it and pointed out the list on the fridge he said he didn't even think of it. Amazing.

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