15 April 2008

7 Weird Facts About Me

I was tagged by Emily for this one. I often feel like the weirdest person in the room so this shouldn't be too hard.

1. I'll start with an easy one. A lot of people who know me already know this about me. I studied costume design in college and grad school. I desinged costumes for several plays and musicals and I loved it until grad school where two things happened to derail me. First grad school was incredibly hard. I was working 20 hours a day and I still wasn't as good as most of the people I went to school with. There were some amazingly talented people in my school. Second I realized what an incredibly difficult career I had picked for myself and I took that advice that is often given to actors -- if there is anything else you want to do, do that.

2. Continuing the theme...while I was in graduate school at SMU in Dallas, TX I worked a short stint as a shopper for the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger. That was a really fun job. I never shopped for Chuck Norris -- just the extras, but it was still great. I wish it paid better because I probably still would be working as a shopper.

3. Before going to someone else's house for dinner I will often eat at home first. I am a pathetically, child-like picky eater and I hate feeling like I am being held hostage and forced to eat something I don't like. If I am not hungry it is much easier to deal with. Sometimes this has really saved my night.

4. I have to have the bed made. I cannot leave the house with the bed left unmade. I cannot get into an unmade bed. I can barely stand to be in a room with an unmade bed. Interestingly, I don't feel that way in hotel rooms at all.

5. When I shower I always wash in the same order. I never realized it until a few years ago, but I know that if I do something out of order, I get all messed up and end up getting out of the shower with conditioner in my hair or soap still on me. I think it was born out of necessity because I am often only half-awake in the shower so the routine helps me get through it efficiently.

6. I talk to myself in this weird whispering under my breath way when I am alone. I drive myself crazy when I do it, but I can't help it. It especially happens when I am working at home and I haven't really spoken to anyone all day or in hotel rooms when traveling on business.

7. I hate Bruce Springsteen. I know it is like I am missing some kind of gene or something, but I have never, ever liked his music and I don't think I ever will. There are a couple of songs I can tolerate, but overall I just cannot understand the phenomenon that is Bruce Springsteen. And please don't try to explain -- I still won't get it. Really.


Anonymous said...

#7- yes yes!! How refreshing to hear of a Bruce detractor. I thought it was because I was born in Canada... Sadly Dave is a HUGE fan (NJ boy) and I must tolerate it at times. It's worse than grinding corn! xo ht

Emily Barton said...

I wash in the same order when I shower, too. I also put my clothes on in the same order and feel really odd if I say, put my jeans on before my socks. It seems the socks are the biggest problem. I think it comes from having worn those really tight cigarette-leg jeans popular among New Wave crowds in the 1980s. Once those things were on, they weren't coming off, and it was impossible to put socks on under the cuffs.

I won't try to explain the allure of Bruce, because I can't possibly do that. Not anymore than those who think Jimi Hendrix was a god can explain it to me.

ZoesMom said...

HT (in the form of anonymous) - 2 other people told me they share our distaste for Bruce. We are not alone!

Emily - I wore those pants too and you're right with those socks must come first. I can't get dressed in the same order because I usually change my mind so many times in the course of getting dressed.

Chris said...

I would like to know more about this picky eater thing . . .

ZoesMom said...

Chris -- you already know about the seafood and the mushrooms. I promise I won't be eating before I get to your house. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Bruce effect - A really cool, good looking, big hearted guy with a great band + extra long concerts (can you imagine?!)+ NJ fans + clever use of American iconography = huge commercial success. Notice that quality music is not necessary in this equation.