04 April 2008

Can God forget stuff?

The following conversation occurred this morning in the bathroom:

Me: Brush your teeth.

Zoë: (leaning over sink with face close to the mirror and fingers on teeth) I think this tooth is getting loose.

Me: Let me see!

Zoë: Here. (Presenting open mouth with finger on one of her bottom front teeth.)

Me: (Feeling tooth) I don't feel it moving, honey.

Zoë: You have to do it hard.

Me: Oh, OK. Brush your teeth now.

Zoë: Mom? Can God forget stuff?

Me: I don't think so.

Zoë: I think God forgot to give me big girl teeth.

Me: I think they're just not ready yet. They will come and you will get a loose tooth. I promise you. You just have to wait for your body to be ready.

Zoë: I think God forgot. Katie lost a tooth. Kyra has a loose tooth. Everyone but me.

Me: I promise your teeth will get loose just as soon as the big girl teeth are ready now please brush your teeth or we are going to be late.

Zoë: (Big sigh) OK.


Emily Barton said...

Well, you know, God forgot to give me long, thick, luscious black hair and big boobs. But, shhhh...don't tell poor Zoe that.

Anonymous said...

And I think the grace fairy was running a bit late and didn't make it to my crib in time.

ZoesMom said...

Ah the joys of genetic fate.