13 April 2008

Mom, you need [insert product name]!

The other day I was fishing around in my bag for something. I can't remember what it was, but I do know that it was my swell new Coach bag that I was fishing through. It is a bigger bag, but the inside zipper compartment is smaller than I am used to so things fall out of it easily (my one small complaint about this otherwise wonderful bag). As I was looking Zoë turned to me and said, "Mom you need the Buxton Organizer."

"The what?"

"You know, the Buxton Organizer. You'd never lose anything in your bag if you had that. You should order it."

And just then I could hear the commercial in my head. "Order Now!"

"Plus you could get the message reminder and you won't have to write out lists you could just play it back at the supermarket."

The "Digital Message Reminder" is your free gift with purchase of the Buxton Organizer.

No offense to anyone who owns this bag, it may be practical and wonderful at keeping one organized, but it does not meet a major handbag requirement for me. That is I do not like the way it looks AT ALL. Not to mention the fact that the words "As Seen on TV" are an instantaneous turn off.

"I don't think I need the that, honey," I said to Zoë. "I really like this bag."

"But you could be more organized. I really think you should get it," she implored.

"I'll think about it." Which everyone over age 10 knows is parent-speak for "that's never going to happen."

The commercial for the Buxton Organizer shows on the Disney Channel occasionally. It is eerie to hear the words of the commercial coming directly out of Zoë's mouth. Some marketer's dream is coming true as my own daughter tries to sell me on stuff I don't really need by insisting that I do need it. It is such an obnoxious commercial (as you can see if you follow the link above) and yet it sinks right into the brain.

I am already the proud(?) owner of the Betty Crocker Cake Decorating kit which my mother helped Zoë order for me for Christmas and rarely does a week go by when she doesn't find a reason why we also need Mighty Putty.


Fashion Welder said...

Come on, the Buxton is the height of fashion! Haha. Your post is only too right when it comes to marketing and today's children. I can't tell you how many times my Samantha has told me she needs Floam.

Christine said...

Alice and I mock that commercial all the time! It is a truly fugly bag. We also mock the product that allows you to cut straight lines (I wish I could think of what it's called, but in the ad they show someone who has clearly never used a pair of scissors before trying to cut apart wallet-size school photos, and mangling every one). Owen, on the other hand, wants every product he sees on TV--which is how the Barbie styling head ended up on his Christmas list (but not Barbie--her brunette friend Teresa).

tracie valentino said...

Madeline does the same thing to me constantly! She is desperately trying to get me to buy the free gift with the Buxton, the digital reminder. That, the stupid paper cutter (ummm... it's just a paper cutter), and Oxyclean are her favorites. The world according to her, would be a much, much better place if only we could just buy these things. We would be organized, have perfectly cut... things? and our bathroom would be clean ALL. THE. TIME. I guess if you're 4, those things fall right below Disney Princesses, in order of importance.

Can't wait to see your new fancy bag!