27 April 2008

Ecojustice 08

Emily has started a great new blog which is centered around challenges to become more environmentally friendly.

I have signed up for the challenge, but so far I've only committed to one of the 6 items on the list -- probably the easiest one which is reading a challenging book about the environment. I have already begun researching some options.

All of the challenges listed are good ones, but they are a little harder to adopt with a child involved so in addition to the book I have chosen one more item from the list that I am going to make a bit more family-friendly, but which I still think will be in the same spirit. The original challenge is to:
Buy only those things sold in recyclable packaging and make sure you recycle that packaging.

My version of this is to try and find acceptable substitutes for all the regular food items I buy for the whole family that don't currently come in recyclable packaging. In addition, I will only send Zoƫ's snacks and lunches to school in re-usable containers. We already have a lunch box and lots of little tupperware containers, but I tend to use ziplock bags a lot too.

It's not a lot, but it is my commitment for the quarter and hopefully every little bit counts.

So, if you're at all curious about the challenge you should check out the Ecojustice blog. I think this will be a really interesting year of challenges.


Emily Barton said...

Thanks for joining and glad you've been able to make it more "child friendly."

TJ said...

Indeed every little thing counts! It isn't so easy sometimes, especially with family members involved, to figure out how to do our part. But you have done so on a very important issue -- packaging. Bravo. TJ