30 April 2008

Big night at the Carlyle

This past Saturday night was the big party for my mother's 65th birthday. After my wonderful preview I had no doubt that the Cafe Carlyle would be a great place to celebrate and it did not disappoint -- not one little bit. The entire night was fun-filled from start to finish.

As a last minute impulse we decided to rent a limo for a bunch of us who were planning to caravan into NYC so the evening started off in style with a ride in a somewhat gaudy, but still comfortable for 9 white, stretch limo.
Here's a view from inside the limo:

(That's my Mom with the big smile and gorgeous sparkly dress. More pictures here.)

And because no one had to drive we had a little pre-party at home with champagne and presents for the birthday girl.

We were 18 in all at the Cafe. The service was impeccable and the cheesecake was truly divine. After all the toasting and talking and stuffing ourselves we were all happy to shut up and listen to Christopher Cross perform. He was really good! The set was a nice mix of the old hits and some new songs. I did bring my camera this time so I took some grainy video of him performing. Here's a montage of some of the old hits.

Incidentally, Christopher Cross did not look like what I thought he looked like. I think because I first heard of him back in the early 80s when I was a General Hospital fan and they used his song "Think of Laura" as part of the Luke and Laura storyline. (OMG, yes, there is wikipedia entry just for Luke and Laura!) I think my mental image of Christopher Cross got morphed with Tony Geary (Luke). For the record Christopher Cross looks absolutely nothing like Tony Geary and never did.

Speaking of looking good --
Mom, like I said, I hope 65 years looks so good on me.


Emily Barton said...

What fun! Your mom looks JUST like you (or maybe, I should say you look JUST like your mom), so I'm sure you will look like that when you're 65.

tracie valentino said...


I thought I was the only one who thought of Luke and Laura whenever I hear Christopher Cross. Likewise on confusing him and Tony Geary! Too funny.

Tell your mom happy birthday! Sounds like a fun celebration!

karenzsmith said...

Looks so fun! I wish I could have been there! BTW, I love your new fridge. I saw it in one of the pics. Last year when we were visiting you were about to have it delivered & you were having the wall knocked out!