22 April 2008

Passover faux pas

On Saturday night we celebrated the first night of Passover at my father's house. He and his girlfriend, Laura, made a seder geared towards the grandchildren. There were 6 kids all age 6 and under. It was a loud evening to say the least. Part of the seder includes reading the Haggadah which tells the story of Passover. The children's Haggadah we were using was very brief and simply written. When we got to the part where Pharaoh's daughter finds the baby in the basket floating down the river I was reading and it said something like "Pharaoh's daughter pulled the baby from the river and that baby..."

Suddenly Zoë burst in with, "I know who that baby was -- JESUS!"

Every adult in the room burst out laughing. It was completely hysterical. However, poor Zoë was completely mortified. She had no idea what she said that was funny, but she knew everyone was laughing at what she said. She put her head down on the table and would not look up until Rob held her for about 10 minutes.

I know it is one of those moments that will live on to her continued embarrassment. We all have those moments from our childhoods -- I know my own still haunt me. And I will try not to laugh at it every time, but it was truly one of those priceless moments.


Noble Savage said...

That will make a GREAT story for years to come!

Emily Barton said...

That IS a great story, but I sure feel for poor Zoe, remembering just such moments myself when the grownups laughed, and I had no idea what I'd done.