02 May 2005

Bye-bye Crib

Yesterday a major event in a long list of signs that all say my daughter is growing up occurred...we took apart and removed the crib from Zoƫ's room. We also took the changing pad off the dresser. All vestiges of babyhood have been eradicated -- to the basement. This is the final relief to the near panic attack I had the evening after my baby shower when my apartment was completely taken over by baby paraphenalia. Bottles, stroller, carseat, bibs, bathtub, onesies, pack 'n play, swing, exersaucer, ad infinitum. I simply could not fathom that a person so little needed so much damn stuff.

It's back to work today after a weekend that was mostly a complete rain-out. I am still tired from last week so it is a little hard to maintain the enthusiasm today. Luckily, I don't have too many meetings so I can catch up a bit.

Best recent purchase is my Logic3 I-Station iPod Dock and Speaker Station. I love having tunes at my desk without CDs and without headphones. It's music liberation!

Speaking of music, have you heard that Gwen Stefani song, "Rich Girl"? It's a great song, but it makes me laugh because I also kind of picture Topol (a la Fiddler on the Roof the movie) singing it. Can you see it too?

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