24 January 2008

Book reviews

I love to read. I read mostly fiction, but I am open to non-fiction occasionally. I love books, I love book stores, I love book-related accessories like journals and bookmarks. I love talking about books with friends, with book club, with anyone.

So, it perplexes me that I find myself largely unable to write more than a 2 to 4 sentences about a book -- even one that I've really enjoyed. I rarely have posted book reviews here or on LibraryThing or amazon or anywhere else I go to obsess about books. I really enjoy reading reviews -- especially when they are written by people I know. People like Becky on the sofa, Chris in the Nook, and Emily the Telecommuter all impress me with their abilities in book reviews. I find my own paltry sentences to be stilted and kind of pointless. Maybe it has been too long since I had to do any real critical thinking/writing and I have lost that part of my mind? I don't know.

I would like to be able to write some more thoughtful and interesting reviews so I am going to add that to my as yet unpublished list of New Year's resolutions. (I think you have the whole month of January to finalize your list of resolutions so I am not publishing my list until 1/31.)


Anonymous said...

I say, keep trying. I find my own ability to write about books is pretty poor compared to other people too. All you can do is to struggle on until you've captured, or near captured, what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

I echo Becky. I think it's hard to really say what you want to say about books (especially books you like!), but I also think it gets a little easier each time you do it. So just jump in there!

Chris (who doesn't have a Blogger/Google account)