31 January 2008

2008: The Year of More

I've finally decided on my New Year's resolutions. 2008 is the year of more for me. I want to be doing more of the things that are important to me so in no particular order...

  1. Read more -- I've joined the LibraryThing 50 Book Challenge Group. 50 books would be a stretch for me, but I'm going to try to come as close as I can. I've never tracked how many books I've read in a particular year so it will be interesting in any case.
  2. Take more photos -- This year I want to plan some photo-taking excursions so I can focus on taking better pictures and try different things. I have an awesome camera, but I am only using about 15% of its functionality.
  3. Run more -- I trained for and ran a 5K in October and that has inspired me to keep running. My goal for last year was simply to be able to run the 5k -- this year I want to do it faster, better, stronger.
  4. Blog more (reading, writing, commenting) -- I want to up my total number of posts, up the quality of the posts and up the reading of other blogs and commenting that I do.
  5. Hire babysitters more -- How else am I going to do all this stuff? Actually, I just need a little more help so that when Zoe and I are together, I am not a complete grouch -- especially in the summer when my husband will be married to work. I've proven I can do it all myself, but I don't really want to.


Emily Barton said...

If you start to read graphic novels, you'll be up to 50 books in no time :-)! Good luck with the running. And I think hiring babysitters more is a good idea for any mother's sanity.

Anonymous said...

I applaud all the mores. And am very impressed with the 'more running'.