14 January 2008

Manic Monday

This week's questions:

Which sex do you think has it easier in our culture? Have you ever wished you were the opposite sex?
Men. Absolutely no question about it. Gender is never, ever remarkable when a man accomplishes something, but a a woman is always noted. I could write a lot about this issue -- especially since I work in Corporate America where the glass ceiling is alive and well, but I will refrain and just leave off by saying that if men menstruated, tampons would be free.

What books from your childhood would you like to share with your children?
There are many, but just to start off with I cannot wait for Zoe to be old enough for the following books: The Ralph Mouse books, The Little House on the Prairie series, Bridge to Terabithia, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and last but certainly not least, all the Judy Blume books.

What is one talent or skill you don't possess but always wanted?
To sing. I love to sing, but my voice is not so great. I was in chorus all through middle and high school so it is not as bad as it could be, but no one ever asked me to sing solo -- rightfully so. I would love to be able to really, truly sing. Then I could maybe fulfill my secret fantasy of being a rock star. Instead, I will settle for singing in the car -- my personal stage.


Kaila's Mommy said...

Great meme, I loved the questions too this week. Have a happy monday!!

Becky said...

We will break through that glass ceiling eventually. Especially if we bash the heads of some of our male colleagues against it.