17 November 2008

Blogger meet-up

So, Saturday was the big blogger meet-up day and it was a great success. In attendance: Emily, Becky, Dorothy, Hobgoblin, Cam, and Charlotte. If you go to Dorothy's blog you can read a really nice summary of the day's events so I won't re-write that part.

What I really want to say is thank you to my blogging friends for sharing your thoughts, taking the time to write and write often, and creating such an interesting community that I have come to rely on every day. Some blogs I have been following for awhile and some I am a newer reader, but I really enjoy keeping up with all your posts and getting to know you through your writing. That said, it was a real treat to put actual people with the voices behind these blogs. I look forward getting to know you all better and hope that we can meet up again someday.

Special thanks go out to Emily for organizing our day. And thanks and happy 40th to Charlotte who's birthday trip made this possible. I hope all your NYC birthday wishes came true!

P.S. The books I bought for Zoe at the Strand made up for the fact that I went off for this fun day without her even though Becky and Emily are her friends too. I was forgiven and welcomed home.


Cam said...

I'm really glad to have met you too, and to have found your blog. I thought Saturday was fun and was glad that I was able to finally put my frequent-flyer miles to good use!

Dorothy W. said...

Definitely, let's meet again! Yes, it was great fun -- a memorable day. And I'm glad Zoe liked her books! :)

NS said...

So glad to hear that you all had a good time. I would love to meet all the people on my blogroll someday.

Emily Barton said...

You're welcome. It was great fun, good to see you, and I agree with how terrific the whole blogging community is. Tell Zoe she can see HER friend Emily when we all go to Dutch Wonderland together.

ZoesMom said...

Cam -- an excellent use of frequent flyer miles. Thanks for making the trip!

Dorothy -- yes, lets get together again v. soon.

NS -- would love to meet you someday too. It could happen...

Emily -- Dutch Wonderland is a definite date. Zoe will be thrilled.