22 November 2008

SXSW Tour: Gettysburg

We made pretty good time leaving the New York area yesterday afternoon only hitting real traffic on the GW Bridge. We were moving along at a very good clip until somewhere in Nowhere, PA we saw in the darkness a huge sign that said "Cabela's." Rob, who was starting to get a bit drowsy immediately perked up. "Cabela's?" he said like a kid on Christmas morning. "Should we stop?"

Rob regularly pours over the Cabela's catalog dreaming up all kinds of camping and fishing fantasies. I do not pretend to understand, but I could only imagine that going to an actual Cabela's store would be the equivalent of me going to a Kate Spade store. So, we stopped and Oh. My. God. It was so absurd that it could have been a Saturday Night Live skit. There were dead things everywhere. There were all kinds of implements for moving dead things. There were things to wear while getting things dead. It was stomach turning. I can't even dwell on it or I will ruin my breakfast. Needless to say I had quite the vegetarian dinner after we left the store. The store also happens to be enormous so it was over an hour and a half before we got out of there with the armload of things Rob could not live without. It was fun to see him shop with abandon and he did not actually buy and implements of death. Zoe was quite confused by the place. I'm not sure what she thought. I will have to remember to ask her today.

So, here's my report:

SXSW Tour: Day 2

Destination: St. Louis, MO

Expected travel time: 12 hours

Sights: Gettysburg National Military Park, Gateway Arch.

Believe it or not, this morning I went to the gym and then took Zoe swimming in the hotel pool. We are about get breakfast and hit the road again.

We've got 10 - 11 hours between sights so who knows what we'll find today. Hopefully something more like Kate Spade and less like Cabela's!


Cam said...

I went into a similar type store a few years ago with my son. We were looking for a backpack. As we left, he said Didn't you expect it to smell like dead fish or deer or something? The place is weird!. I could only smile knowing that he won't be a hunter. Hope you enjoy day 2.

Emily Barton said...

I've heard about Cabela's. Don't think I could stomach it. You should have dropped off Rob and had me meet you somewhere for tea (but there probably isn't any such place in the middle of nowhere, PA).

karenzsmith said...

I'm not sure that anyone in West Virginia knows who Kate Spade is...good luck! You may have to wait until you get to Dallas! There's one at Northpark!

karenzsmith said...

Oh, BTW there is a Cabela's here too. I'll keep it a secret if you would like.
I have to say I was impressed that you went to the gym.

tracie valentino said...

Oh my goodness... I had to go to Cabela's when Mattio picked up his rifle--and I think I had the same exact reaction as you did (TOTAL SNL skit). Perhaps the next time Rob gets an itch to go (there's an enormous one in Hartford. Enormous like, it has it's own road), he and Mattio can go, and spare us all the... Cabela's. Then we can ditch the kids with a sitter and go to kate spade!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think I could handle Cabela's. It would be an Americanness too far. But I can easily visualise Rob's pleading expression!

ZoesMom said...

Cam -- Believe it or not, Rob doesn't even hunt. He just likes the camping gear and knives.

Emily -- I wish I had known we'd be sidelined by Cabela's because having tea with you would have been so much better. Coffee at a Waffle House would have worked too.

Kare -- nope, no Kate Spade to be found anywhere.

Tracie -- your plan sounds absolutely perfect!

Becky -- You would have HATED it!