21 November 2008

S X SW Tour

This year on our long list of things to be thankful for, we add the fact that gas prices have gone down dramatically in the last several weeks. The whole Zoe family is headed off for vacation this very afternoon and we could not be more excited about it. We are driving off into the sunset for a good old-fashioned road trip ending at our good friend's house in Dallas, TX where we will be spending several fun-filled days and nights including Turkey Day and then we will turn around and head back home.

Road trip!

S X SW Trek: Day one

Destination: Gettysburgh, PA

Expected travel time: 6 hours

Sights: Battlefield, hotel's indoor pool

I have made sure that all our the hotels (2 going, 2 returning) have pools so that Zoe can get some exercise. We will also be on the look-out for playgrounds along the way. And of course, we will try to fit in some good sights -- anybody know where we can find the largest ball of twine???

I will be doing my best to blog about the journey and include photos.


Anonymous said...

OOoh, have fun. Road trippin always leads to great memories. And it's a great opportunity to visit one of the 9,000 Waffle Houses!!!

karenzsmith said...

Will you have a chance to go to Pauxatawny, PA & see the groundhog?

Cam said...

As you pass through Indianapolis, on I-70, when you pass the exchange with I-465, look north and wave! You'll be a couple of miles due south of my house. Have a great trip. How are you keeping Zoe occupied on such a long trip? How do you keep yourself from going crazy? That's a lot of highway!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing about the trip (and love the new look to the blog).

ZoesMom said...

Sara -- I think there were actually 10,000 Waffle Houses!

Kare -- I forgot about Pauxatwny Phil!

Cam -- Did you see us waving?

Becky -- All that talk about picking new blog skins inspired me. Glad you like the new look.