23 November 2008

SXSW Tour: Where's Eeyore????

We got off to a late start yesterday and after visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitor's Center and driving around the town of Gettysburg, we were even later.  But we weren't too concerned because we'd had a good night's sleep and figured we wouldn't make any other long stops and everything would be fine, right?  Wrong.  Of course wrong.  

About 7 hours of driving from Gettysburg headed to St. Louis, MO where our hotel with a view of the Gateway Arch was waiting my blood ran cold when Zoe asked, "Where's Eeyore?"  My mind instantly flashed back to earlier that morning and packing up Zoe's suitcase.  I had not put in Eeyore.  Oh. my. God.  Zoe has had Eeyore since her first Christmas.  She cannot face bedtime without him.  

"Do you remember packing Eeyore?" I asked Rob, hoping against hope.  

"No," he said looking at me and we both knew we were in trouble.

Rob pulled over at the next exit and checked the suitcases just in case.  Nope, no Eeyore.  I quickly found the receipt from the hotel and asked Rob to call them while I broke the news.  It did not go over well.  And that is an enormous understatement.  By some miracle the hotel had Eeyore and they were willing to Fed-Ex him to us in Dallas, but still that did not fully help.  What was Zoe going to do tonight??  I decided we'd have to find a Wal-Mart and get some kind of replacement.  

So, another stop top shop at Wal-Mart (not hard to find in KY), then dinner, and by the time we got back in the car the GPS said it would be 3AM before we arrived in St. Louis.  I immediately knew that was not going to happen.  So, we re-programmed the GPS to head right for Dallas, drove a couple more hours and ended up spending the night in Horse Cave, KY otherwise knows as Somewhere, KY.

Today's plan:

SXSW Tour:  Day 3

Destination:  Dallas, TX

Expected travel time:  12 hours

Sights:  Only what we can see from the car.  We just want to get there and minimize the detours.  

Will hopefully report in next from Dallas!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Eeyore disaster! How is Zoe?
Sorry that you didn't get to see the arch, it's quite a sight. Good luck on the last leg of the trip!

Dorothy W. said...

Oh, disaster! Sorry! It's great the hotel will send Eeyore to you.

Cam said...

Poor Zoe, poor eeyore! Hope today's drive is pleasant, with few distractions along the way. You're right about Horse Cave - there's nothing down that way but Mammoth Cave, and close by (depending on highways you might have missed it) is the Corvette Museum. Think of it as the Cabala's of Wheels, but without anything for sale that most could afford.

HT said...

My heart stopped. Eeyore=Teddy in our house. I bought a 2nd one and used magical laundry soap to make him fluffy (switched them and then just swap them over and over so wear and tear is even.) All this in teeth chattering anticipation of an Eeyore's lost moment! I'm glad you don't want to move to TN. xo

Anonymous said...

I am loving the traveling blog posts - I feel like I'm with you. I can totally feel your Eeyore pain, life without a lovey is miserable. Enjoy your night in Walmartville, KY.

ZoesMom said...

All -- here is the Eeyore update:

Zoe has ultimately handled the Eeyore situation well. After the initial tears and sadness purchasing a mini-Eeyore at Wal-mart in Nowhere, KY helped a lot. The hotel confirmed that he is on his way via Fed-Ex and we even have the tracking number.

Cam -- we did pass Mammoth Cave and Rob, who is a geologist, really wanted to stop, but we were out of time for extra stops. We also saw the Corvette museum from the highway -- what a weird building!