30 November 2008

SXSW Tour: The Final Day

Yesterday was a good travel day. We got from Little Rock, AR to Roanoke, VA and we managed a couple of good stops in between. We hit the road early from Little Rock and hung on 'til Memphis before stopping for brunch. I googled "best places for brunch in Memphis" and was presented with a couple of nice lists. Both lists included The Arcade Restaurant and since it was right near Beale St., we decided to give it a shot. All I can say is yum! The best french toast I ever had and they had beignets which are nearly impossible to come by in New England. If you're ever in Memphis definitely add The Arcade to your list of restaurants to visit.

After a quick peek at Beale St., a drive by Graceland and a stop for souveniers at Zoe's request (for show and tell) we were back on the road. We pushed through to Knoxville where we stopped for dinner. I'm sure we didn't see the pretty parts of Knoxville (should there be any), but we did find a very convenient shopping and eating area where we were able to get some dinner and pick up a car charger for the iPod which was a pressing need. All-in-all Tennessee redeemed itself on this return leg. What we saw coming down did not appeal. We didn't get to Roanoke until 1AM and I am not sure how Rob managed to drive so long, but he did and I was grateful.

And now were off for our final travel day. We're getting a late start because we got in late so I am not sure if we'll make any good stops today, but we'll see

Today's plan:

SXSW Tour: Final day

Destination: home

Expected travel time: 9 hours -- not including expected traffic. Hopefully it won't be too awful coming in to the tri-state area, but I don't have high hopes.

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Safe travels!