29 November 2008

SXSW Tour: The Return

Yesterday afternoon after a tearful good-bye, we were on the road again. Destination: Little Rock, AR. We arrived with no problems. The drive was about as straight, flat, and boring as it gets and we made good time. Luckily the scenery improves today.

Our stay in Dallas was lots of fun and lots of eating! Between Thanksgiving lunch and all the other eating we did, I think I might need to fast for a few days. My favorite meal by far was had at Mi Cocina in Dallas at Highland Park Village. It was Tex-Mex food and it was sooooo good. Other highlights included watching Zoe and Karen's daughter play together non-stop, a grown-ups night out with the kids at an amazing place called Adventure Kids Playcare which is drop-off babysitting (an amazing thing I wish we had nearby), and, of course, our first time on a real Texas ranch -- the Triple S Ranch. More on the ranch later. Right now we have to get going because we have a long day ahead.

Today's plan:

SXSW Tour: Day 7

Destination: Roanoke, VA

Expected travel time: 12 hours

Sights: Hopefully we'll have lunch in Memphis and pick up some Elvis souveniers!


Courtney said...

safe travels! I am trying to talk myself out of eating cake for breakfast AGAIN...really, it can wait until after lunch...it can, it can...

Anonymous said...

I am in complete awe of your undertaking. Drive safe!