23 May 2009

Friday: Lessons Learned (posted Saturday)

I actually wrote this yesterday, but I was so tired I clicked "Save" instead of "publish."

  • I can go 5 days (and counting) without eating any candy. It hasn't been easy, but so far so good.
  • A really great haircut only comes along once in awhile. I love the Kimberly my hairdresser and she always does a really good job, but the cut I got this week is particularly great. At least in my opinion.
  • Zoe has pretty good taste in boys. This week I invited her friend Dominic over for a play date. Dominic is a frequent topic of conversation in our house and it is clear that the two of them like each other in a way that if they were 15 and not 7 I might be concerned. Up until this week I hadn't really spent time with Dominic, but it turns out he is a very sweet and adorable little boy. He and Zoe have a great time together.
  • I can run on the treadmill faster than I thought. At least for a minute at a time. I tried an interval workout this week and I surprised myself. That felt good.
  • I hate to brag, well no, I love to brag about Zoe. She's doing great in school. This week we got results of comprhensive math and spelling tests and on both tests she only got one wrong answer and each was due to careless mistakes. Plus she takes basketball after school and the coach told me that she is one of the best. She's the only girl in the basketball class and clearly that does not stop her.
  • Insecure people will try to take credit for your work which is why it is important to put your name on everything. I was quite happy I do that this week.
  • Looking forward to a 3 day weekend with very few plans is a marvelous thing.


Courtney said...

Oooh, in a few hours I'm going in for highlights and a significant cut - probably six inches. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
Yay for Zoe - you are obviously raising a very accomplished young woman!

tracie valentino said...

Reading this left me all warm and fuzzy inside--go Zoe! We saw her in the parade, she looked so cute.

No candy stinks, but it will be worth it in the end! :)