14 May 2009

Friday Lessons Learned

  • Do not tell your husband you don't want to make a "big deal" out of Mother's Day because he will translate this to mean "I don't have to do anything at all."
  • The moment I put away my winter sweaters, I will have to take one out again because of the sudden drop in temperature.
  • I am a sucker for every new flavor of sugarless gum that comes out. I try them all.
  • I own a lifetime supply of cosmetics bags -- most of which I got free as some kind of "bonus." Even though I clearly don't need all these bags and haven't even used most of them, every time I try to throw some out I can't be parted from them.
  • No amount of age-appropriate explaining can make a 7 year-old understand what was so bad about the Nazis and why Captain Von Trapp did not want to become one. This doesn't, however, stop said 7 year-old from asking about the Nazis constantly. (Was watching Sound of Music a good idea? Yes, I still think so.)
  • Finding a pair of dirty socks in the bed when changing the sheets is yucky.
  • My house averages 2 computers per resident.
  • A husband in the "dog house" for neglecting Mother's Day is temporarily very helpful around the house and with the child.
  • Any given morning that I want to sleep late, is the morning that Zoe will get up unusually early thereby making it impossible for me to sleep late.
  • An evening with intelligent women friends is the perfect antidote to boy problems, hectic work weeks, and generally any other annoyance.


Charlotte said...

Amen to the last bullet point! I was lucky enough to have two of those evenings this week and they more than made up for the uninspiringness of my week.

Emily Barton said...

Point number 2 is a given when one lives in CT (even in July). And (surprise, surprise) I couldn't agree more with the last one (add a little Chinese takeout and wine to make it even better, of course).

Mattio Valentino said...

Rob should tell you what I tell Tracie ... you're not MY mother! ;-)