26 May 2009

Images of a holiday weekend

I didn't take a lot of pictures this weekend even though I was hoping to. Even so I think I managed to capture enough to sum up the long weekend.

This is a picture of Zoe at her school's "Patriotic Day." All the grades sing songs about the U.S. and it is done every year on the Friday before Memorial Day. It is very cute, but it is also very crowded. This picture was taken at the end when the students were headed back to their classes. This was the only photo opportunity I had because it was so crowded.

Zoe and her friend Dominic. I took them to the playground on Saturday and they played for 2 hours without coming up for air. They were so darn cute I wish I'd taken video.

Rob in the ER after slamming his shoulder while playing basketball with Zoe in our driveway. Also important to note that this was taken AFTER he was given percocet for the pain.

Zoe marched in Fairfiel's Memorial Day parade on Monday morning with The Little Gym. She did cartwheels for the entire parade route. Again it was very crowded so this was the only picture I managed to get.

Zoe insisted on swimming this weekend despite the fact that the pool water was still too cold. Heater or not, sometimes there is only so much you can do. This was taken just before she jumped in for her first swim of the season. She lasted in the water for about 15 minutes before she came out with blue lips.

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HT said...

I know Rob hates it when you blog about him, but he's such a picture in that backless hospital gown!

I'm glad Zoe had gloves for the cartwheels- ouch! xo