01 May 2009

What I have learned this week

After having fun with last week's post, I've decided to create a new Friday feature of bullet points of what I've learned for the week.

  • Any discussion of head lice will cause my own head to itch -- one hour for every minute of conversation.
  • Some people will just always be late. Always.
  • Traveling with GPS is good because you don't have to think too much about where you are going. It is also occasionally eerie when you realize you don't really know where you are and you are just driving on this particular road in this particular direction because the little box on the dashboard said so.
  • It is impossible to feel normal in any way while in a room with a dead body. (I attended a wake this week.)
  • If you are not sure what to write in a card, the internet can be surprisingly helpful.
  • iTunes is awesome -- except when you want to move your library from one computer to another, then it is not so awesome.
  • Hamburgers just taste better when someone else makes them.
  • Mother's Day cards only seem to fall into two categories -- overly floral and sappy (i.e. "you are the greatest mother that ever lived and deserve to have rose petals strewn at your feet") or juvenile cartoons that feature sentiments about laundry and cooking (i.e. we'd have starved and gone naked without you Mom, why don't you lie down today? -- but just today.)
  • Repair men who cannot move their eyes above chest level while talking to me should be run over with their own trucks.
  • I am generally a neat and tidy person, but I have trouble keeping certain drawers in a state other than a complete jumble. It is my secret sloppy shame.
  • A gray and rainy Friday is still a Friday and therefore a good thing.

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HT said...

and every time I click on you blog until you update again, MY head will itch! xo ht