17 May 2009

Please, tell me how it ends

On Saturday night my mom graciously agreed to babysit for Zoe while Rob and I went to see Star Trek and then get dinner. I wasn't dying to see the movie, but Rob really was so I figured I would be a good pal and go along. About 85% into the movie (i.e. the climax) I look over and see Rob answering his phone and from the caller ID I know it is Mom. I know immediately this cannot be good news and, of course, it is not. Out of nowhere Zoe has a fever of 102. We immediately left the movie theater and headed home to take care of Zoe. Poor kid has been burning fever off and on since last night. It was kind of a rough night, but it seems like it is just a virus though because she has no other symptoms and the fever is down to 100 without Motrin.

Earlier tonight my mom suggested we should go back and see Star Trek again. Nope. The movie was OK, but I think I'll just wait for someone to tell me the ending. I definitely couldn't stay awake for it tonight and I'm not giving up another $10.50 and another 120 minutes to Captain Kirk or Spock. Maybe for Bones. He was kind of cute, but, nah, not worth it. So, if anyone out there can tell me how it ends once Kirk is beamed back to the Enterprise from the ice planet, I would appreciate it.


Emily Barton said...

Well, can't tell you how it ends, but so glad to hear Zoe is okay!

Cam said...

The ending without too many spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet: Kirk tricks Spock into giving up command. Scotty has some great lines - really you might find him cuter than Bones with that broque and twinkling eye. They save the world from ending and rescue Captain Pike. Bad guys are whacked in great gallatic & CGI style. Scotty gives the warp engines the boosts that they need to prevent them from being sucked into a black hole. Uhura decides she likes Kirk, but only in a professional sort of way - her heart is still with the logic man. They go back to the Academy, where all trespasses are forgiven and all are promoted and assigned to -- what else? -- the Starship Enterprise. Messages about importance of friends, family and feelings are summed up and -- voila! -- they can move forward with future plot lines, totally rejecting all previous ST stories and timelines, but staying true to the characters and the nature of Star Trek. Music queues for the credits, with nice musical references to the original series soundtrack. Overall, pretty cleverly done, this Trekker for 40+ years concludes.

Good movie, but being with sick child much more fulfilling. Glad to hear that Zoe is improving and hope that you get to have another date night soon.

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- Thanks! We couldn't help but think about Swine Flu, of course so I am glad she is back to school and fever-free today.

Cam -- awesome re-cap of the ending! Now I definitely don't need to go back. I didn't get to see a lot of Scotty, but I suspect I will in the next movie ;-).