07 May 2009


A magic kit was high on Zoe's birthday wish list this year and she ended up getting 2 very nice kits with lots of different magic tricks. Luckily she did not expect the magic wand that came with kits to actually "do" the magic. That actually happened to my brother when he was a bit younger than Zoe is now. He was completely devastated when he realized there was no actual "magic" in his magic kit or his wand and that he had produce it all himself. I don't have many memories of my brother crying, but that one stands out. As a matter of fact I made sure Zoe did not believe this before I told anyone she wanted a magic kit. I didn't want to witness that heartbreak twice.

The tricks, are the same tricks that were in the magic kits when I was kid -- the red ball in the egg cup, the magic quarter in the box, the string that splits in half, many variations on card guessing, etc. It is still really fun stuff that is pretty simple. It is all in the presentation.

A couple of weeks ago my father spent an entire afternoon helping her learn how to do the tricks and about the performance aspects of magic tricks. Zoe loved it. My father is now her number one assistant and she is practicing these tricks all of the time. So, this week when she had to bring in something for "sharing" (why can't they call it "show-and-tell" anymore??) I suggested she do one of her magic tricks. At first she wasn't sure, but finally she decided to bring in the quarter in the box trick and apparently it was a very big hit at school. It is one of those moments that I wish I could have been there to see, but I know my presence would have affected her ability to perform the trick. Luckily, I can get my own magic show anytime I want. Perhaps I will consider Zoe for entertainment at my next birthday party...

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