08 May 2009

Friday list of things learned

  • I should never leave an open bag of those soft peppermint candies next to me on my desk while I am working because then I will eat way to many of them and get a stomach ache.

  • Cardinals seem to eat a lot more birdseed than the chickadees were eating.

  • I can actually name 4 species of birds without having to look them up in my Birds of North America book. (Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Starlings)

  • Zoe thinks chess (as in the game of) which she has been learning to play all school year in her school's chess club is pronounced "chest." As in, "I have a chest club tournament tomorrow." It is giggle inducing.

  • Figured out how to create my own ringtone for my iPhone. My ring is now Zoe saying "ring, ring, ring! pick up the phone already (repeat)"

  • I can conduct a conference call with my entire work team from my car while parked in the Stop & Shop parking lot.

  • Telling a 7 year old that she is being a cry baby is actually not an effective way to get her to stop crying. (Bad Mommy moment #437)


HT said...

Your bad mommy moment #437 is still better than applesauce on the head- my #622! (2 kids means 2x the BMM)

Anonymous said...

Lately have been caught saying, "Are you kidding me? You're really going to cry about this!" And, just so you are aware, this is also not a great tactic for getting a child to stop crying.

tracie valentino said...

Mattio found the Stop & Shop conference call pretty impressive, as well :)

My ineffective way of getting Mad to stop crying is similar to Sara's: "This is not something worth crying about. Mad? Look at me. Look at me!"--at this point I begin to raise my voice--"Not worth crying about! Not! Worth! Crying! About!" At which point, it now *is* worth crying about, bc on top of the original episode, we now have mommy freaking out about it. Ah well... at least we know how to keep them crying--not like that will ever be useful :)

Can't wait to hear the Zoe iphone ring!