29 May 2009

Friday's Lessons Learned

Another week gone by. Here's another list...

  • I don't think I am actually capable of maintaining 2 blogs and 2 Twitter presences. As much as I want to keep on writing for my Make-up 101 blog, I am facing the fact that I am just too busy. I can barely post often enough on this one blog. So, I will be putting Make-up 101 on hold until some other time when I can really commit to making something out of it. In the meantime I will post any make-up reviews, etc. on this blog in case anyone's interested in them because just because I won't be blogging and tweeting about make-up doesn't mean I won't be helping to support Sephora's P&L.
  • I think I really should consider a move to a warmer climate. It seems like the warmer the weather, the better I feel. Or maybe I am just feeling miserable about the fact that it is late spring and it has been 55 degrees and raining all week?
  • Zoe has hit the age where it is fun to eat dinner at friends' houses. She ate at her friend Dominic's house last night and I'm not sure, but I think it is the highlight of her year.
  • This was a short work week, but it felt really long.
  • A good iPhone app can really make your day. I discovered FantasyLens last night and have been having a ball with it. Below is my creation from this morning. I call it "Rob Washington." I am sure I will be busy with this all weekend.

Rob Washington, originally uploaded by Marcyjill.

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Emily Barton said...

Amazing how we do things like think we can maintain more than one blog, work full time, raise children, and look beautiful all the time. Glad to see someone else often has a reality check and revises life. And you already know from FB that I love Rob Washington.