24 May 2005

How much stuff will fit on this bed?

Last night Zoë had a new game. It is called "How much stuff will fit on my bed." After I put her to bed and kissed her goodnight at least 10 times and stayed in the room for several "half a minute more, please," she apparently got out of bed and cleared out all the blankets and sheets that were in her dresser and piled them on top of her bed. She also gathered an entire shelf's worth of books, the throw blanket from the chair, and several stuffed animals. I didn't hear any of this activity and she did it all in the dark. Needless to say, I was quite surprised when I went in to do my usual last check of the night. There she was sleeping like an angel surrounded by all that stuff! It was so funny -- Rob and I were hysterical and he even got the video camera to document the occurrence. It's a good thing she has a double bed -- it would have been awfully crowded with all of that stuff in a twin bed.

My question is what does this behavior mean? Is it just normal, quirky 3 year-old behavior? Could it be some kind of insecurity? I really don't know. Maybe it is a forecasting of her genius? :-)

My other question: is there anything more angelic and peaceful looking than a sleeping child? We have so many pictures of Zoë taken while she is sleeping that I could probably put together an album of just those photos.

Zoe napping

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FlyingSquirrel said...

i used to do this too when i was a kid! i remember it used to feel like i was "moving in" (my bed being my "apartment"). surrounded by books and toys and other items that were unequivocably mine, i felt like i was defining my space, making it mine. it felt so safe, so... me! so personally i think it's a sign that zoe is turning into the fantabulous individual she is destined to become.