17 May 2005

Wearing white pants

I think I have hit a milestone in my quest toward becoming a grown-up. Today I managed to wear white pants to work and I did not sit in anything or spill anything. Additionally, I even wore both the correct color and style of underwear so that it is not visible through my pants in any fashion. Silly as it sounds, I am quite proud of myself. I fell in love with these particular white pants one very cold and snowy March day when actual spring felt very far off. In the past few weeks they have been of some concern to me because they were quite expensive and I was feeling afraid to wear them. Now I know I can do it. Yay me!

Now, if only my white pants wearing ability was matched by my parenting skills. It has been a long stretch of bad behavior from Zoë lately. She is starting to get it in bits and pieces, but for some reason I just can't seem to get her to listen and to stop whining. And man, what is with the hunger strikes?! It's as if the "terrible two's" have returned. I really don't want her to be a brat, but I really hate feeling like I am reprimanding her all of the time. Her new thing is that when she starts to sense that I am less than thrilled with her behavior she tells me that she loves me.

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