23 May 2005

Sorting it out

Almost every night for awhile now after we put Zoë to bed and we've left the room, she gets up and pulls books from her bookshelf to take into bed with her. She wraps the books up in one of her “blankies”, puts them under her pillow or just stacks them on the bed. What the heck is that about? When I ask her about it, she doesn't explain and I’m not even sure that if that is can't or won't. I really don’t mind her doing this it is just really puzzling behavior.

The other quirky thing she is doing a lot now is taking all of her Legos – piece-by-piece out of the Lego box and into a bag or another box or several cups – whatever containers are available. Same thing with the wooden blocks from her Pattern Blocks and Boards toy. Generally with those pieces she will separate them by shape first and then assign them different containers. I know sorting is not unusual for kids, but still... The best thing about the sorting is her intensity with it. If left undisturbed, she will literally not look up from this kind of sorting for 45 minutes. Anyone who knows a 3 year-old will tell you that is a lifetime.

Neither of these habits bother me, but the clean-up can be kind of a pain. Especially when all the little Lego pieces get thrown into the same grocery bag with the play food and the blocks. Its my own 45 minute sorting session. I know, I know, I should have her help clean up, but the problem is mine here. She doesn't leave these things all over in a mess -- generally they are put away in whatever containers they ended up in. Its just my own compulsive behavior that prefers the Legos return to the Lego box, etc.

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