03 May 2005

If you're lucky and you know it...

It was one of those nights tonight. Zoë was intent on behaving as badly as possible and my fuse got shorter and shorter until I lost it when she was brushing the newly-shaven dog hard enough to make him yelp and when I asked her to stop she did not. I yelled, she went to her time-out corner crying hysterically. Ugh. These are the times that try parents's souls. A few more dramatic outbursts ensued including the mini-tantrum over not being allowed any dessert (as if!) and having to put pajamas on even though it wasn't dark out yet.

After she was finally asleep and I was feeling sorry for myself for having to endure such trials I sat down to read my email. Suddenly things were snapped back into focus for me and I realized just how lucky I am when I read that my friend just found out that his yet unborn baby' s spine and heart are not developing properly. They founds some abnormalities in the ultrasound. My kid might be a pain in the ass sometimes, but there is no question that she is healthy. Having been through a few relatively minor health issue with Zoë I can barely imagine how awful this must be for my friend and his wife. I will remember to count my lucky stars tonight. Perhaps I can send a few his way?

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