10 May 2005

It's a boys world after all

The new job is going well, but for one detail. The "boys club" is alive and well here. It is so intensely frustrating. Not to mention somewhat depressing and slightly disheartening. I am trying to just accept it right now, but without giving up hope. It's not that I feel I will outright be not granted a promotion, etc., because of my chromosomal status, but I just wish it weren't so obvious.

That is why I am so darn pleased that the final two contestants on The Apprentice are women. Hooray! I don't even care who wins, because I think they are both really very talented. Actually, I can't even decide who I want to win and I don't think I'll make up my mind until after Thursday night's show. Tana is totally representin' for the moms -- not to mention being an amazing sales person, but Kendra is amazing with those marketing ideas. You go girls!

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